Wyken Seagrave

Wyken Seagrave

I am a British author who is passionate about using the history of the Universe to integrate a wide range of scientific, historical and social knowledge into a single unified story.

In a world facing many global problems, everyone can gain by understanding basic science, knowing where we came from and understanding the options facing us.

I have been studying and writing about this subject for 40 years, both as an historical narrative and as fiction. My first book, Global Vision, was published in 1992 by Penny Press, a company dedicated to publishing on this subject. I converted it to a website in 1998, and www.historyoftheuniverse.com now receives hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.

I believe that seeing ourselves in a universal context is a salutary experience, giving us a new perspective on our current problems, many of which are on a global scale. To solve them will require global solutions. We all need to make important decisions about our ways of life. We need to understand what caused our problems and what options we have for solving them. We can only obtain this by taking a global perspective.

I began to write this story as a work of fiction in 2002, and published The Cosmic Monopole in 2011. This is the first volume of Time Crystal, a sci-fi fantasy romance which will take the readers on a trip back through time to the Big Bang (and beyond) on an effort to save the Universe.


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