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This is the second volume of Time Crystal , a series of books which attempt to tell as accurately as possible the true story of how the innocent scientists at CERN not only broke the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) on 5 April 2012, the day which would later become known as Crystal Day, but also almost destroyed the whole universe. This series will also explain how the universe was ultimately fixed and why nobody on Earth remembers anything about it.

To help the reader get to know the people involved, I have included a list of the Principal Participants, and to aid the non-scientist I have included a Glossary and a Bibliography. References to entries in the Glossary and List of Characters are emboldened. Citations of entries in the bibliography are shown thus: (3). In the electronic editions of this book these are also hyperlinks.

In the first volume, Illustrated Cosmic Monopole, I explained how a particle called a cosmic monopole, which had been wandering round the universe since the big bang, was finally trapped by the powerful magnetic field in the ATLAS detector in CERN.

Here it was transformed into a black hole which absorbed two men who found themselves outside the universe, which turns out to be merely a tiny Cosmic Egg, part of the life cycle of bee-like extra-universals called Entroilians in a space called Entroilia.

One of the men, Chinese-Irish scientist Michael Zhang, swallowed some of the egg, metamorphosed into a larva and grew to gigantic proportions; he also attained a total knowledge of the history of the universe. To stop other humans following him out of the universe, he broke the Egg’s shell and time stopped everywhere except near fragments of the shell, which manifested themselves on Earth as blue Time Crystals surrounded by bubbles of time.

The second absorbed man was Irish school-teacher Sam Fitzpatrick. Still tiny and trapped in the Egg’s shell, he could see and talk to people on Earth who had crystals. He told his step-daughter, school-girl Catriona, to bring the fragments of crystal down a tunnel so Michael could restart time. Meanwhile the Cosmic Egg, with Sam still hidden inside its broken shell, was stolen by an Argolath, enemies of the Entroilians.

Catriona was infatuated with handsome Hungarian entrepreneur Count Alex Karolyi. She appealed to him for help, even though she suspected that he was in love with the beautiful CERN guide Marianne. Alex reluctantly agreed to help her, but fire-fighter George Gabor considered that the crystals belonged to CERN and tried to stop him.

So Catriona entered the Time Tunnel alone.

Book Details

New edition published 5 April 2016
ISBN Ebook        9781871281347
ISBN Paperback 9781871281354

456 pages, 24 illustrations, 14 x 21 x 2.3 cm

Reviews on Amazon

These reviews are for the first edition of Cosmic Monopole

Truly bizarre, utterly unique

I’ve never read a novel quite like this before. The author takes you on an exciting adventure full of unforgettable and vivid imagery. Solidly written with each character’s personality shining through. If you find physics fascinating you will not be disappointed by the author’s keen intellect and clear understanding of this most challenging (for me anyway) scientific subject. This is not a novel I will forget anytime soon, I would highly recommend it.

Very imaginative tale

Anybody interested in a very imaginative and engrossing sci fi story needs to check this one out. I have been reading sci fi for decades and this story has elements that surprise me which is very unusual considering the number of novels and stories I have over the years.

A fascinating book

An amazing book – I literally could not put it down… and I was reading it in Acrobat! Not the easiest format but it didn’t matter, I wanted to know what happened next each time I had to leave it. I have a huge interest in The Hadron Collider so it was a foregone conclusion that I would enjoy this book and I wasn’t disappointed. A great story – one that I can not wait to read the next episode of – with very complex characters and even more complex relationships. The author manages to combine his obvious extensive knowledge of the subject with an incredible imagination. I loved it!


Volume 2: The Time Tunnel — 5 Comments

  1. Loved the Cosmic Monopole. I’m not that much into science fiction and/or fantasy but this was interesting because I have a background in radiation as a Radiologic Technologist. Lots of it was what I already knew but most was new to me. Can’t wait to get my hands on Volume 2.

  2. Loved the books so far, when is the part 3 going to be ready!? I had a night off work and read part 2, now I want more. Great read!!!

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