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I have spent many years researching and writing Time Crystal, trying to create the most amazing story I can. Now I want to know how successful you think I have been, and how you think I could make it even more amazing!

Please spend a little time telling me what you think. I take all reader feedback seriously and in the past it has helped me to shape this story. As a small reward, you will have the option of being included in the acknowledgements.

Thank you. I really appreciate the time you are giving me.

Wyken Seagrave

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The more you answer, the more you can help me improve this story.


What do you think about the cover? Would it grab your attention in a bookshop? How does it compare with the covers of the books you like?

Events in CERN

Following an accident in CERN, two men are absorbed by a black hole and a time tunnel opens up which leads back in time to the big bang.

What did you think about this scenario? Did you find it credible? Was it confusing? What did you like most and what least about the scenes in CERN?

Events in Entroilia

The universe is described as a small cosmic egg in a much larger place called Entroilia.

What did you think about this scenario? Was it interesting? What did you like most about it, and what least?

Use of Language

How did you find the language used in the book? Was it easy to read? Did it make the story come to life for you? Were the descriptions sufficiently vivid? Did you gain a sense of place? Would you prefer a more poetic use of language?


What did you think about the characters in this story? Did you find them credible? Which one(s) did you like most and which least, and why?


What did you think about the dialogue between characters? Was it convincing? Were there things which you liked or disliked?

Characters' Thoughts

The story often reveals what characters are thinking. Did you find this interesting, useful, illuminating or annoying?

Multi-threaded Story

The story follows several different threads at the same time. You might need to read through four episodes before you return to the same thread.

What did you think about this format? Did you find it increased your engagement, or did you find you had forgotten what happened previously in each thread?

Michael's Diary and Sacred Books

The story includes chapters from the Diary and Sacred Books of Lord Michaelzhang. What did you think about these? Did you find the language engaging or distracting? Did you find the scientific explanations which Michaelzhang was giving were helpful to you or superfluous?


The author has included footnotes, some with information, some with references to the Glossary or Bibliography.

Did you read these footnotes?


What did you think about the illustrations in the book? Did you find them useful? Which one(s) did you find most useful? Which one(s) did you like the least?

Other Parts of the Book

Which parts of the book did you find useful or interesting?

Thank you so much for completing this survey! I read each and every response.

Your thoughts will help me improve the quality of future editions of the book you read, and of future books in the Time Crystal series.