Quantum Time Crystals are in the news, as scientists have recently created real examples of them. They were first proposed in 2012, the same year in which this story is set…

This website is about blue crystals which appeared in the ATLAS cavern in CERN at around the same time that time stopped everywhere on Earth on 5 April 2012. Most people called them Time Crystals, but their scientific name is “chronoclastite”, often shortened to “cronclast”.

Please visit cronclast.com for details.

Spoiler Warning

Earlier editions of the early parts of the story are currently available, but readers will find many spoilers which may reduce their pleasure in the new book. Also the roles of the characters will change extensively in the new book.

We recommend you do not read these early books until after you have read the new version.

However if you are student of literature interested in how a book can evolve over many years of research, writing and re-writing, you might find these earlier versions of interest.

Volume 1: The Illustrated Cosmic Monopole

Volume 2: The Time Tunnel

Time Crystal is published by Penny Press.


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